Pastoral Staff:

Pastor Lester DeGroot, Senior Pastor Education:  Grand Rapids Bible College

# of Years in Ministry:  61 Years
Life’s Verse: Psalm 34:8
Highlight of Ministry:

Winning Souls to Jesus, building a new sanctuary; gym and office, watching people grow in the Lord and having the greatest assistant and youth Pastors!  “My 50th Birthday and 50th Anniversary as Pastor of NBC and trips to the Holy Land, Hawaii, Alaska, Toronto and Cruises are memorable moments.  I love seeing lives changed, families put back together and the sweet sweet spirit at NBC.  We laugh, cry and love the Lord!”

Pastor Deano Lamphere, Assistant Pastor

Education:  Liberty University & Liberty Bible Institute
# of Years in Ministry:  37 Years
Highlight of Ministry:
Seeing people come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and watching them grow in their  faith and love for Jesus.

Pastor Eric Lamphere, Youth Pastor

Education: Crown College
# of Years in Ministry:
Life’s Verse:
Highlight of Ministry:

Support Staff:

Lisa Guernsey, Church Secretary

Life’s Verse: Psalm 71:23

Highlight of Ministry:

Having attended Nashville Baptist Church my entire life, the people here are family. It is a privilege to be part of the staff and have the opportunity to serve in this way.  Music has been my ministry for the past 40 years.   Finding out people have come to know Jesus because of the words they heard me sing is by far the biggest highlight of my ministry.    


Steve Coplin, Choir Director

Life’s Verse:
Highlight of Ministry:


Gordon & Mary Schaefer, Custodians

# of Years in Ministry:  4.5 Years 
Life’s Verse: Colossians 3:17
Highlight of Ministry:
Occasions when they have had the opportunity to pray with someone that has wandered into the church while they have been cleaning.  Sharing with someone on the sidewalk God’s love while washing windows & encouraging kids on bikes & skateboards & having the opportunity to invite them to church.
Lynn Rigelman, Sunday School Superintendent
# of Years in Ministry:  28 Years
Life’s Verse: Psalm 86:5
Highlight of Ministry:

Growing up in such an amazing church and watching parents work so hard to make NBC what it is today.  Also working in all areas of the church has been a blessing, especially being able to chaperone Youth Mission Trips and witness daughters sharing their faith.