Guess Who’s On The Way?


(study & list provided by Pastor DeGroot in Wednesday Night Bible Study)

  1. He is a “Real Man”
  2. He will rule the entire world
  3. God calls him a beast
  4. He comes from amongst the nations (Rev. 13)
  5. He has the solution for the world’s problems
  6. The nation he comes from is insignificant (Dan. 7)
  7. He will personally be possessed by Satan
  8. He will possess the total of all the nations before him
    1. Babylonians – Dominant : Lions
    2. Persians – Deception : Bear
    3. Greek – Determination : Leopard
    4. Romans – Depravity : Dragon
  9. He will form one world government of 10 nations
  10. He will be a Muslim
  11. He will institute Sharia Law
  12. He will abandon that law after 3 1/2 years (Daniel 11:37)
  13. ….That will cause 3 nations to rebel against him
  14. They will hire men to assassinate him
  15. He will ascend to the bottomless pit & be restored to life again (Rev. 17:8)
  16. He will form his own god-head
  17. He will build a 90′ golden image of himself (Daniel 3:1)
  18. He will make peace between the Jews & Arabs
  19. He will allow the Jews to build a temple on the Holy place
  20. He will break the covenant after 3 1/2 years with the Jews
  21. He will set himself up in their temple, declaring himself God
  22. He will be a homosexual (Daniel 11:37)
  23. He will provide work for all people
  24. He will do away with all bibles but the Koran
  25. He will explain away the disappearance of the Christians
  26. He will try and kill all believers
  27. His 2 biggest enemies will be Moses & Elijah
  28. He will do miracles that cannot be explained
  29. He will mark & seal all his people
  30. The mark will be visible for all to see
  31. The mark will affect 2 types of people
  32. He wil be an intellectual genius
  33. He will be a speaking genius
  34. He will be a political genius
  35. He will be an economic genius
  36. He will be a military genius
  37. He will control all forms of communication